Residence in Monaco for non EU/EEA Nationals – French Long Stay Visa Applications from Monaco

Monaco residence update for Expats

For all non EU/EEA nationals moving to Monaco, a French long stay visa for Monaco (Type D visa) has always been needed before the application for Monaco residence can start with the Monaco Police Department.

Even pre-pandemic, the Type D visa application could take 3 to 4 months to be granted. It can take longer now.

Since Brexit, the requirement to obtain the Type D visa has also extended to British nationals, as they no longer have the EU/EEA nationals’ advantage of free movement in Europe.

In normal circumstances, the Type D visa must be applied for by the potential new Monaco resident to the French Embassy in the country where they are resident.

The 1963 so called ‘Neighbourhood Treaty’ between France and Monaco does allow a Type D visa application to be started at the French Embassy in Monaco, if the Monaco Government first approves such special request (an Article 5 request).

While no specific criteria are set out as to how to qualify for an Article 5 request, increased travel restrictions, health concerns and issues relating to the impracticality of returning to a country of residence to start the visa application would be taken into account by the Monaco Government in the granting of the special request.

The Article 5 request is not a shorter process than applying for the Type D visa  in the country of residence, but it does allow an applicant to stay in Monaco while the Type D is being processed, even if the applicant overstays the expiry of their tourist visa (e.g. 90 days in each 180 days).

The successful granting of the Article 5 requests have been somewhat rare in recent years, but we understand that the combination of the pandemic and Brexit has recently re-opened this opportunity.

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