Post event commentary for IPBAC

The Iberian Peninsula’s countries enjoy what is possibly an ideal geographical location, and economic and market conditions to position themselves as the next large business aviation hub in Europe, with a global outlook.

In order to highlight and discuss regulatory, fiscal and legal issues affecting business aviation across the Iberian Peninsula and to explore its growth potential, threats and weaknesses, Quaynote Communications hosted the inaugural Iberian Peninsula Business Aviation Conference (IPBAC) in Madrid on 30 November 2017.

Chaired by Oscar Garcia and with an emphasis on discussion and debate, this one-day international conference explored the business aviation market in Spain, Portugal and Andorra, providing invaluable insights for existing operators, OEM’s, financiers, brokers, regulators, government representatives and prospective investors in the region alike.

Representing Abacus at the event, Samantha Snow – Client Services Director at Abacus Malta, said: “This conference provided great insights into the future of the Iberian Peninsula and its aviation sector. It also represented a valuable platform to meet with other like-minded professionals in the industry with whom I had the opportunity to discuss the current state of the aviation sector and promote the significant advantages of Malta as an international aviation jurisdiction.”

“When purchasing a high value asset such as an aircraft it is essential to consider whether there may be wider financial or other liability implications – which varies greatly depending on the intended use of the asset – and what jurisdiction may offer the best viable options for aircraft owners. A member of the EU and with an extensive double tax treaty network, Malta is a versatile jurisdiction which offers aircraft registration to both the private and commercial aircraft markets and permits for fractional ownership, registration of aircraft whilst under construction and engine registration; all of which give aircraft owners the flexibility in how they utilise their aircraft.”

Samantha Snow welcomes anyone who wishes to contact her for further information on aircraft ownership, leasing and registration or to discuss any requirements they might have. Please email at or call on +44 1624 689600.

Written by Marta Bellamoli, Marketing Co-ordinator