Post event commentary for Nexia GMTS and EMEA tax meeting

The Nexia tax conference in Berlin was a great opportunity to meet with tax colleagues from around the globe. Whilst the majority of attendees were from Europe, people attended from as far afield as Australia and China.

Attending a Nexia conference for the first time, Associate Tax Director Kevin Loundes said “It was a pleasure to visit the wonderful city of Berlin and to meet with tax colleagues within our international Nexia network. Developing relationships with our international tax colleagues is essential in order to be able to respond to client needs in a timely manner.”

The event was essentially a combination of two tax conferences. The first 2 days were focussed on the Nexia Global Mobility Tax Services (“GMTS”). Our GMTS network specialise in advising expatriate employees; in particular, advising on structuring a particular assignment overseas, tax credits and the use of double tax treaties and tax compliance in the home and host country. As businesses expand operations around the globe, it is increasingly necessary for employees to undertake international secondments. Ensuring there are no unexpected tax implications either for the employer and/ or the employee can be difficult unless you are dealing with an international network of tax advisors who specialise in this area.

The second half of the Nexia conference was the EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) tax group meeting. The focus of the meeting was tax implications and planning opportunities for businesses operating and expanding overseas. Having access to a network of global specialists who can evaluate and advise on issues such as the use of a holding or services company and appropriate jurisdictions, interpretation of tax treaties and the potential impact on a business’s global tax position is essential for companies operating in the global market place.

After attending the combined event, Kevin noted “being part of the Nexia network allows our clients access to tax expertise around the globe. Building close working relationships with colleagues from the international network means obtaining answers to potential issues is only a phone call away. I look forward to attending future events and building on the relationships developed already in Berlin”.