Motivation is a key driver to success

The management of human resources is often widely discussed; the subject is complex due to the many aspects that could affect it. Encouraging the motivation to succeed is just one of them.

Way back in the fourth century BC, Alexander the Great conquered one town after the other, provinces and whole States from Macedonia to Northern India. His victories on the battlefield were often the result of communicative stratagems that induced the opponent sovereign to surrender and avoid unnecessary bloodshed. Satisfying his “futuristic vision” of a globalised world, all of the military achievements were accompanied by the spread of Greek culture, not as an imposition, but as integration with the existing traditions of the conquered people. Thanks to these and his ability as a leader, Alexander is considered one of the greatest conquerors and strategists of human history.

What is the secret of Alexander’s so universally recognised success? How did his army follow him without doubting him? His biographies tell us that he would organise special rituals to visualise the victory before each battle and define everyone’s part within it, the generals, the soldiers, the flag-bearers, and he celebrated every single member of his army with great ceremony and celebration after each success. In this way he emphasised the importance of the role of each person in achieving the victory of the whole group. Consequently, all adored him, believed in his objectives, and considered him a great example. Everyone was aspiring to be Alexander, he was the celebrity of his time for the personality he showed, not just because of his role as commander.

Alexander the Great is one of the most extraordinary examples to describe the importance of motivation to achieve a goal. The teachings of this great leader can be transposed to the everyday life of each individual; even more so motivation is key for company success, since companies are made of people, each of whom is focused to achieve their own goal and consequently pushed by their own motivation.

Companies like Abacus, developed around a strong leadership, grown year after year, have the merit of their growing success to a Board of Directors and their team, collaborating together for a common purpose and making the achievement of goals possible.

It is necessary to have a Board of Directors who believe in the company and take the lead, with suitable skills and ability, in accord with the original justification for the inception of the company. Being Directors of a company does not mean taking the driving seat and radically changing the corporate vision, but picking up the baton and implementing the project. There should be continuity. Thus you can find a talented Board of Directors able to assist its clients completely and totally, to make decisions based on discussion and experience, to help the employees to improve themselves and do their best.

It is necessary to build a team that believes in that goal and with the motivation to take action, feeling a real and concrete role in the growth of the company.

I will always remember what the Abacus Group Managing Director, Stewart Fleming, said to me at the end of my job interview: “We are hard workers and Abacus does not ask its employees to do the impossible, just to do the best of what is in their capacity.” It is clear that at Abacus the passion for working for a cause and the desire to help its clients that existed 40 years ago is still there today.

Abacus was and still is a company able to motivate. It inspires confidence in clients thanks to the principles of integrity, independence and insight on which it is based and it motivates employees to strive more and more, always with dedication and commitment to the common cause.

As demonstrated beautifully by Alexander the Great, efficient management of human resources and the consequent success of a project can only be built through a process of “team building” in which it is important to highlight the relevance of each individual. Team motivation to achieve the goal is just a link in the chain, however the chain cannot avoid certain immovable points.

Alexander knew that motivation was and still is a key driver to success.

Written by Marta Bellamoli, Marketing Co-ordinator