The Isle of Man’s Unique Position in the Aviation world

The Isle of Man Aircraft Registry (“IOMAR”) has been recently named Best Global Aviation Registry in World Commerce Review Magazine’s 2017 awards. A continuing commitment to deployment of the best possible solutions for the benefit of their clients, product innovation, best practice criteria and on-going customer service were all taken into account by the selection panel.

So, what are the reasons behind the IOMAR’s success and popularity over its competitors?

Since its establishment in 2007, the Isle of Man Aircraft Registry has experienced significant growth that some may consider remarkable given the global economic backdrop during nearly ten years it has been operating.

This growth is down to the fact that the IOMAR in comparison to some traditional national registries, has always understood that there is a direct correlation between aircraft ownership and wealth creation, and that private jets are now considered more than a luxury asset; they are in fact an invaluable tool for servicing the needs of corporations.

Today’s private jets are not just assets for high net worth individuals, but also assets to ensure that a corporation is successful over its rivals. In today’s globalised economy, with business being conducted daily in different countries, a private jet is a tool which has transformed from being something of luxury to something of necessity.

Using a cliché, ‘Time is Money’ and a significant tangible benefit of using a private aircraft is to save time. Such understanding of the private jet market is reflected in the IOMAR’s fast and efficient registration processes, an effective registry support, high safety standards, a robust legislation and a solid can-do attitude which remain to satisfy the individual needs of aircraft owners. All of these features are key contributors to its continued success.

Plus, with long term market growth forecasts showing expansion away from the mature economies of Europe and North America to wealth creators in high economic growth regions such as Russia, Middle East and South Africa, the need for a registry with the ability to service the expansion of the private jet fleet is becoming more apparent.

Again, the IOMAR understands this necessity and these needs. As the largest corporate aircraft registry in Europe, with high quality services and a competitive scheme of charges, the Isle of Man Aircraft Registry is well positioned and prepared to service such expansion effectively and efficiently.

“As the Registry approaches its tenth anniversary we have now registered the 925th aircraft since commencing operations and are maintaining our position as the sixth largest private/corporate aircraft registry in the world. The fact that we are still registering aircraft at a healthy rate notwithstanding the tough international trading conditions is a strong endorsement of the Isle of Man business model”, commented the Isle of Man’s Director of Civil Aviation, Simon Williams.

With such a supportive business-minded Government and well-known Registry, we are flying high.

Written by Marta Bellamoli, Marketing Co-ordinator