All I want for Christmas is…

In such a troubled world where political instability, social unrest and economic turmoil are the order of the day, if you ask any person what they want, you are most likely to receive the same answer:

“I want my family to be safe and happy.”

More than any other desire – more than financial success or personal satisfaction – the protection of our family and seeing them enjoying a quality life in a safe haven is the fundamental source of our own happiness and our biggest reward.

Have you ever thought about what your family would need to be happy, not only in the immediate future but over in the course of time? Can your country of origin offer freedom and security as well as education and wellness for your children? How can you guarantee your family members the opportunity to live the best and fullest life they can lead?

A second passport can provide access to the world’s top-ranking facilities, increasing your investment horizons as well as protecting your freedom and privacy. Having dual citizenship can be an important step to give your family the freedom they may not have enjoyed in their home territory, to protect their ability to make choices, to make sure that they do not have any frustration or impediment in reaching goals.

Many people enter our life as friends, colleagues and acquaintances but no-one can take the place of family in our lives. It will always be there by our side as support and as an anchor.

So what is your plan to protect your most important asset, your family?

If you are considering a dual residence as a form of a life-long insurance policy for you and your family, we would be more than happy to illustrate options that best suit your profile and specific requirements.

At Abacus, we will help you to make the right decision on second residency. And if that decision is to relocate to Malta or the Isle of Man, it is our firm belief that no organisation on either Island is better placed to assist you in taking that momentous decision.

We all want the best for our family. So if you could make a wish for your family for this Christmas, what would it be?

All I want for Christmas is…

Written by Marta Bellamoli, Marketing Co-ordinator