When Helicopters meet Superyachts

Picture this – you have had a long week and you simply want to join your family who are cruising off the Mediterranean coast on your superyacht. It may take hours from the airport to the port and out in a tender to the yacht. How will you get there? That’s where a helicopter and a superyacht with helideck come in.

Travelling to and from your yacht via helicopter is one of the most convenient and hassle-free methods of transportation available for owners and guests. Whether you’re travelling to arrive on board, or popping off the yacht to enjoy some lunch ashore, having a helicopter available can enable you to skip the roads and enjoy your free time more effectively.

That’s why, in recent years, yacht owners have come to see an onboard helicopter as a necessity rather than a convenience. Today, it is indeed rare to see a superyacht launched that does not have a helideck because more and more buyers are having a helideck incorporated into the original design to enjoy freedom of movement and enhance the yacht’s value in charter operations and resale.

However, playing host to helicopters on board comes with more challenges than owners might expect. On one side, purchasing heliyachts requires careful consideration; on the other side, managing helicopter operations for superyachts with an embarked aircraft requires specialist skills.

Helicopter ownership can be a complicated and costly business on top of the operation on a yacht. Moreover, increased logistics and safety issues add to the work required from aircraft managers or operators. Finding the right service provider who can entirely take care of your assets and provide all the relevant expertise necessary is key.

Companies like Abacus, based in Malta and the Isle of Man, provide services to yacht owners to help them meet regulations and operational standards when using helicopters on their super yachts. Operating in conjunction with certified partners and having extensive experience and knowledge in both the helicopter & superyacht industries, Abacus offer advice necessary for heliyacht owners to get the most from their investment.

Ownership of an helicopter should never be contemplated without comprehensive advice being sought on the taxation implications of the proposed structure and acquisition of the aircraft. Getting it wrong can be extremely expensive and very hard to unravel.

With a focus on ownership planning, tax and administration, Abacus can assist in establishing an appropriate ownership structure that would provide the benefits and protection of asset segregation and limitation of liability. A carefully established ownership structure could also unlock fiscal and other advantages.

If you are looking for professionals who are able to provide guidance on how to identify and evaluate a tax advantageous legal entity to hold the helicopter & yacht ownership interest, please get in touch with our Aviation and Yacht specialists. Call on +44 1624 689600.