Come sail with us

A yacht expresses your personality. It is a lifestyle mirror. It must be able to offer an unforgettable experience to you and your family. When cleaving the water or when anchored in a bay, its details will make it recognisable, giving you an amazing experience. As a yacht is a significant investment made up of time, effort and money; placing it in a carefully structured entity can offer a number of benefits, and a range of superior quality services.

A yacht means freedom, being able to leave when you want, going where time and sea will guide you, no longer a slave to a schedule. No more organised vacation packages, confusion, queues, sold-out tickets, overbooking and bad service that mark the holiday high season.

Sailing off into the horizon to your next port of call means you can enjoy the beauty of places and their specific characteristics, experiencing cultural tourism. Whether it’s for a few hours or several days makes no difference, as it is the deeply connected love of the sea and wind through your hair which matters most. It is an intimate experience full of passion; it is substantially different from person to person, as a sunset, a sunrise over the sea, a view, a rocky coastline or a storm which offer different sensations to different people. However, one element is common to them all: being on board a yacht.

Abacus Yachts is well placed to assist you through the complexities of yacht ownership, ensuring that custody and management of your prized vessel always stays on an even keel. We cannot promise optimal sea or wind conditions nor lovely weather; however, as a highly experienced corporate service providers, we can guarantee our significant experience in the establishment and administration of structures in which to hold luxury assets.

When aboard your vessel you will decide the timing for resting or navigating, if you prefer to disembark for an exploration trip or stay on board lying comfortably in the sun while sipping an icy drink. Enjoy your relaxing time and let us assist you in understanding the different requirements of owning a yacht whilst also providing tax efficient ownership structures.

Those who love the sea, will love it forever. The desire to be cradled by waves, to cross it (no matter the distance) and to breathe in that unique sea smell, these are true and spontaneous feelings and part of life for all those seeking an alternative to a “conventional” existence on the main land. A concept so deep that it certainly is a source of great inspiration for those who want to free their spirit.

Abacus Yachts works with you to assemble a support team that works alongside your family offices and intermediaries, giving you the freedom to enjoy your yacht.

Written by Marta Bellamoli, Marketing Co-ordinator