Bowel Cancer Isle of Man & Abacus

Around 42,000 people are diagnosed with bowel cancer every year in the UK and it is the 4th most common cancer in the UK.

Current statistics suggest that there are around 16,300 bowel cancer deaths in the UK every year as the majority of affected individuals do not seek medical advice until their cancer is advanced, making treatment more difficult and a successful outcome less likely. This is mainly due to poor awareness and understanding of the symptoms of bowel cancer.

In the Isle of Man, around 25 people die from the disease every year, however many of these lives could be saved by early detection and treatment. Creating awareness of the disease and its symptoms is critically important.

With this in mind, the local charity Bowel Cancer Isle of Man aims to raise awareness of bowel cancer, its symptoms and risks, and provide local support to those people in the Island affected by this terrible but preventable disease.

When it was founded in 2009 Bowel Cancer Isle of Man lobbied for the introduction of an Isle of Man bowel screening programme. This resulted in a screening programme being rolled out to all Island residents aged 60 to 69, and more recently extended to 75. The screening programme has already saved lives and proved its worth – 14 cancers were detected in the first 2 year screening cycle and treated successfully.

With increased funding, the age range for inclusion in the Isle of Man bowel screening programme could be extended to include younger people aged 50-59 years so that a higher number of people might have the opportunity to be screened and be saved by early detection and treatment. For this reason the Bowel Cancer Isle of Man welcome donations; any contributions will provide funds for financial, practical and emotional support to families and individuals affected, along with helping the Charity offer the bowel screening programme to younger Island residents.

Commenting on the recent donation, Paul Watterson, Director at Abacus, said: “As part of our company’s ongoing commitment to giving back and supporting our community, we have been grateful for the opportunity to support the Bowel Cancer Isle of Man, an organization that is making an impact and working hard to advance a greater good.


Whether it’s a one-off contribution or a regular donation, everyone can help the Bowel Cancer Isle of Man raise awareness and aid local people affected by this disease. If you would like to learn more or discover how to support, please visit