Abacus Help Break the Poo Taboo

It is one of the most common types and the second leading cause of cancer-related deaths in Europe, yet it is highly preventable and highly treatable, if diagnosed early enough…it is bowel cancer.

With around 25 people dying from the disease every year in the Isle of Man alone, local fiduciary and fund services specialist, Abacus, have donated £1,280 to Bowel Cancer Isle of Man (‘BCIOM’) to assist them with their ‘Breaking the Poo Taboo’ campaign, which works to raise awareness of bowel cancer, its symptoms and risks, and get people talking freely about it without any embarrassment.

Heather Norman, Chairman of BCIOM, said: “We are overwhelmed with Abacus’ generosity and can’t thank them enough for choosing to support our charity.

“With currently only five people on our committee (four of which have full time jobs), we have little resource for fundraising and so rely heavily upon donations such as this in order for us to continue our work. The donation is therefore gratefully received and will be put to very careful use.”

Paul Swindale, Senior Manager at Abacus, said: “We are delighted to support Bowel Cancer Isle of Man as our quarter charity and hope that the donation will go some way in helping them to continue providing invaluable information and local support to those on the Island affected by the disease.”

BCIOM was founded in 2009 and supported the introduction of an Isle of Man bowel screening programme; 14 cancers were detected in the first 2 year screening cycle and treated successfully. The main aims of the registered charity are to: encourage people to talk openly about the disease; provide practical and emotional support to bowel cancer patients and their families in the Isle of Man; fund charitable projects for the benefit of persons suffering from bowel cancer in the Isle of Man; and raise awareness of the symptoms and promote early diagnosis.

Part of their raising awareness campaign is done through presentations and attendance at local events such as the recent Royal Manx Agricultural Show. A number of presentations have also been given to staff at local companies; if you would like someone from BCIOM to attend your workplace and provide some further information to you and your colleagues, please contact Heather on +44 7624 480973 or email bowelcanceriom@manx.net.


IMAGE (L-R): Stuart Watson (Treasurer, Bowel Cancer IoM), Paul Swindale (Abacus), Heather Norman (Chairman, Bowel Cancer IoM) and Roy Norman (Committee Member, Bowel Cancer IoM)